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  2. WebDev advent calendars 2022
  3. Mastodon misconceptions
  4. Set up different work e–mail in git by directory

Ancient history

Posts imported from tumblr. Trigger warning: includes PHP, jQuery and broken links.
  1. word-break-inside: avoid kind of deal
  2. PHP just made me doubt printf. /:
  3. call methods of objects crated on-the-fly in PHP
  4. XML­Http­Request-Capable
  5. Geeqie 1.0­beta2, This is an alpha release.
  6. round line count is round
  7. Force HTTPS conn­ection for
  8. Comparing strings and integers
  9. show progress when using dd(1)
  10. And So You Code - Rap Music Video
  11. snip­Mate allows to use Text­Mate snippets in VIM
  12. Ether­codes combines the Ether­pad backend with Sky­writer front end.
  13. Google Scribe
  14.’s robots.txt
  15. echo is diffe­rent state­ment, than print
  16. Custom signa­ture for diff­erent mail accounts in GMail
  17. gordon
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  19. git branch in PS1
  20. CSS3 everywhere
  21. XML is like violence
  22. quoting selected text
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  24. CASSIS
  25. merging sub­version repo­sitories
  26. Strangest language feature discussion at Stack­Overflow
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